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An individualized, integrated, and innovative approach to patient care. Our brains are all unique. So why shouldn’t your memory loss therapy be?

MaxWell Brain is a specialized platform designed to help physicians analyze complex medical information and create evidence-guided personalized care plans.

The human brain is the most complex structure in the known universe.

We now know it has a tremendous capacity for healing and optimization for higher performance.

Science now recognizes that it is unrealistic to think a system this complex can be “fixed” by a single drug, a simple intervention, or a one-size-fits-all approach.

The MaxWell Brain MAP (Multifactorial Analysis and Plan) enables a Personalized Systems Medicine® approach to reversing cognitive decline and improving brain function.

Using complex algorithms and augmented intelligence, the MaxWell Brain MAP has the ability to bring together laboratory, imaging, and lifestyle data points, and analyze the information through the lens of Personalized Systems Medicine® and prioritize complex treatment options according to the probability of benefit for that individual.

The MaxWell Brain MAP is here to assist progressive physicians in the daunting task of personalizing care plans for the most complex of patients suffering from cognitive decline.

Alzheimer's Robs Life and Living

Alzheimer’s is one type of dementia. To us, De‑mentia literally means Un‑Braining. At MaxWell Brain, we are very curious about the underlying process that occurs when we lose our minds, and what we can do to prevent or reverse this condition.

As we know, not only is this disease fatal – on par with heart disease and cancer in the U.S. – but those affected and their families lose bits and pieces of the self month by agonizing month.

It turns out Un‑Braining is caused by a multitude of factors. These causes may add together, or even multiply together to speed the loss of a functioning brain. Trauma, hormone depletion, insulin dysregulation, infections, vascular issues, stress, toxins and other factors contribute to the total load of degenerative forces which is responded to differently person-to-person depending upon their unique genetic makeup.

The MaxWell Brain MAP assists progressive physicians as they sort through the hundreds of potential contributors to Un-Braining. The tools that the MaxWell Brain MAP provides, support the doctor‑patient relationship and enable a personalized medicine program that is strategically created to address that patient’s most important opportunities for healing.

The protocol can be adapted to primarily address the prevention or reversal of dementia depending upon the circumstances.

Optimizing Performance

The same processes that protect and reverse dementia can also serve to further optimize brain function in the present.

Productivity and pleasure are dependent upon a well-functioning brain. The better your brain, the more likely you will enjoy the benefits of more of both.

Attention issues, Depression, Anxiety, Neurodevelopmental conditions, Migraines, Seizures, and Head Injury are all common problems of the brain that when severe disable us, but when mild, impair us from our optimal performance and rob quality from our days.

The MaxWell Brain MAP provides a system for progressive physicians to organize the complex data that is needed to understand the underlying causes of mild to severe brain dysfunction and open the door to tools for optimized cognitive performance.

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40% of adults 65+ have age-related memory loss.

Early identification and combination therapies through MaxWell Brain can lead to better outcomes.

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Precision medicine provides a new path for treating chronic diseases.

76% of patients improved or held steady on memory scores according to recent personalized clinical results using MaxWell Brain.

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More than 300 million patients suffer from depression worldwide.

Learn what’s in development at MaxWell Brain, which will provide help to those suffering from depression.

Contact us to learn more about our Precision Medicine Approach.